One Can, One Condom. How make effective the fight against AIDS in Africa

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Africa, the continent that gave birth to AIDS, is also severely affected by human immunodeficiency virus. 23 million people are infected now, more than double the rest of the planet. Despite the number of infected people is decreasing, the educational, prevention and treatment against the disease policies are still a failure.  How can we take advantage of commercial structures engaged to try to improve this situation?







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  1. Very good post. I definitely appreciate this website. Stick with it!

  2. bob

     /  abril 24, 2012

    whats up bicth

  3. Yeah and a sachet of KY Jelly with every steak!

  4. You might want to take a look at We’ve been working for 3 years to get the necessary partners together to use Coca-Cola’s distribution chain to distribute simple medicines.

    We hope to test the idea in Zambia over the next two years. You can see a summary of our trial plan here:

    You can also join us on Facebook:



  5. Sophia Yen MD

     /  julio 23, 2011

    VERY cool but the problem is getting MEN to wear the condom!

  6. jason

     /  julio 22, 2011

    In all of Africa i know, glass bottles are locally refilled – thus the design is impractical if not impossible. Cans and plastic bottles may be imported – but cost twice the price…

    Your feasible ‘distribution network’, sadly covers only a fraction of your vehicle’s outreach.

    Still, nice idea. We need to have these discussions.

  7. At first glance, this is an awesome idea. But after some thought, there are some gaping holes in this idea.

  8. Replace the condom with medicine to help prevent malaria and you’ve got yourself something.

    People in Africa aren’t retard white teenagers. AIDS isn’t an issue there because of a lack of access to condoms. Preventable disease, however, is a direct result of a shortage of affordable medicine.

  9. Brit

     /  julio 21, 2011

    Really neat idea. Storage temperature issues though? Also, the amount of waste created by those who just drink the coke and throw the rest away…?

  10. emborrachoman

     /  julio 21, 2011

    Is this targeted to white people in South Africa? Cuz I think the drawings are off.

  11. Seriously , as returnoftheheroes says, if you are serious about wanting to do this, why are you criticizing Coca Cola’s employment practices?

    It’s like you’re saying “Look, I think you guys are dicks, but I’ve got an idea I want you to carry out for me”.

  12. Etienne

     /  julio 21, 2011

    Cute, but have you seen how these bottles are stored and shipped in Asia and Africa? That poor rubber wouldn’t have a chance to survive the trip.

    Plus, while Coca Cola has in my experience been quite keen to cooperate on public health related initiatives, they will not risk having their product being singled out as an incentive for immorality, which is what condoms are unfortunately still associated with in many regions. So, leveraging supply chain, yes, glueing a rubber on a can, probably not.

  13. Sapo Mal

     /  julio 21, 2011

    As soon as they leave the factory, the first wholesale buyer will remove every single condom and sell them separately. Africa wins again.

    Nice idea, though. Maybe something else will work. Maybe if you could figure out a way that the condom couldn’t be removed without the cola contents being opened too.

  14. returnoftheheroes

     /  julio 21, 2011

    I like it a lot, really good idea.

    However how are you going to convince CocaCola if you put in facts on the poster that don’t put them in a positive light.

  15. js

     /  julio 21, 2011

    This is dumb for a few reasons.

    1) most Africans can’t afford Coca Cola on a regular basis, most drink it on special occasions
    2) the vast majority of Coca Cola sold there is in glass bottle, coke in a can costs extra.
    3) for condoms to be effective they need to be stored in a stable environment. Most of Africa drinks glass bottle coke at room temperature, not ideal for condom storage. Bundling a condom with a refrigerated soft drink (can or bottle) can damage them. Drinking a coke then putting the condom in a pocket will cause a temperature swing.
    5) chance of perforating the condom in transport or storage, condoms are sold in boxes for a reason.
    6) this approach doesn’t even try to deal with the social situation or cultural issues surrounding sexual health in Africa

    This is just another mzungu feel good way to save Africa.

  16. Olivia

     /  julio 21, 2011

    This is one of the greatest, most brilliant ideas I have ever seen.

  17. Batch

     /  julio 21, 2011

    Wow, this is awesome. Free condoms!

    (en español): Me gustaría mucho tener una Coca-Cola xD

  18. NA

     /  julio 21, 2011


  1. One Can, One Condom. How make effective the fight against AIDS in Africa at

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